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Because Life

Nov 17, 2021

In today’s episode, we have another pinch-me collaboration! Joining me today is the lifestyle and wellness tastemaker, blogger, author, and the host of ‘The Blonde Files’ podcast, Arielle Lorre! We hear the origin story of The Blonde Files and how she built an empire from an anonymous Instagram account. She opens up about her years-long battle with alcoholism and addiction, we discuss the work that goes into maintaining mental wellness in sobriety, and the role of alcohol in the world of self-care. We also discuss the blurred lines of working in the wellness industry and practicing your own self-care, finding your purpose and much more.


I’m so grateful Arielle joined us today and I hope our conversation gives you something to take with you. If you’d like to hear our conversation on her podcast, check out today’s episode of ‘The Blonde Files’ here.


For more information on mental health, learning how to help a loved one, developing coping skills and more, visit the Mental Health Coalition’s Resource Library at 


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