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Because Life

Aug 4, 2021

Our resident ‘healing consultant’ (still my favorite job title), Tasha Bailey, joins me as our cohost today. After a little catch-up, we assign flavors to our moods. Tasha is feeling vanilla with sprinkles and I am the happiest flavor I could think of – the one that brings me back to field days at school…rainbow sherbet. Today’s guest is the wonderful Raechel. We discuss grappling with anxiety growing up with a family that doesn’t recognize mental health struggles, learning how to become the parent you needed when anxiety is triggered, or finding your own rainbow sherbet moment that can bring you joy in a dark moment. We also talk external pressures seeping into self esteem, establishing safe spaces in your life, and the conversation surrounding mental health in the Black community.


For more information on mental health, learning how to help a loved one, developing coping skills and more, visit the Mental Health Coalition’s Resource Library at 


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