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Because Life

Dec 29, 2021

I can’t believe how quickly this year has gone! As we wrap up 2021 together, I wanted to share a favorite episode of mine from this year which hopefully will help energize and prepare us for what’s to come in 2022. Hope you enjoy!


In today’s episode, I am joined by the Founder of The Pattern App, Lisa Donovan, for an illuminating conversation about using Astrology as a tool to navigate your mental health. We talk about how her own mental health struggles sparked her introduction to Astrology and how the practices she learned from it helped her forge her way out of turmoil. We discuss finding and living in our purpose and how she created The Pattern App as a tool for users to help understand their own purpose and navigate their mental health. Plus, she reads me (for filth).


For more information on mental health, learning how to help a loved one, developing coping skills and more, visit the Mental Health Coalition’s Resource Library at 


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