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Because Life

Aug 11, 2021

In today’s episode, our resident ‘Healing Consultant’ from across the pond, Tasha Bailey, joins me as our co-host.  We check in on our feelings today and how to treat our feelings, especially the negative ones, as guests in our home, rather than annoyances we want to get rid of. Also, we do have a kiki about our shared obsession with ‘Love Island’ (which, to our delight, our very special guest shared as well).


Speaking of our very special guest…today, we are joined by the amazing Brittany Sinitch, also known as FiveFootOneTeacher. A survivor of the Parkland, Florida school shooting, Brittany is fostering hope and change through her platform on social media. After her world was turned upside down in February 2018, the classroom that was once her “favorite place in the world” became a crime scene she never wanted to revisit. In the year following the tragedy, she made the difficult decision to step away from the classroom and during that time, she started the Unbreakable Organization, which gives back to communities and schools who have been impacted by tragedy. She joins us today to talk about experiencing tragedy, how she found the strength to get through it and how she navigates PTSD and triggers to this day now that she’s returned to the classroom. We are so honored she joined us to share her story and we hope you are as touched as we are by her.


To learn more about Brittany and her incredible work with the Unbreakable Organization, check out their site here:


For more information on mental health, learning how to help a loved one, developing coping skills and more, visit the Mental Health Coalition’s Resource Library at 


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