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Because Life

Jul 21, 2021

Dr. Ebony is back as the co-pilot today to help us navigate some new waters in the mental health space for me personally. We are joined by the incredible Erin, whose journey with mental health started as a teenager and came to a head when she was diagnosed with post-adoption depression. We discuss navigating mental health and mental illness in a religious household, especially as a Black person in America, the very real ‘middle child syndrome,’ and the struggle of postpartum depression, whether you reared the child or adopted. We are so thankful she joined us and helped shine a light on these very real struggles that aren’t always talked about…especially among Black women in America.


If you’d like to learn more about the resources Dr. Ebony suggested in today’s episode, check them out below:

‘The Self Care Prescription Workbook’

InsightTimer App

‘It Didn’t Start with You’


For more information on mental health, learning how to help a loved one, developing coping skills and more, visit the Mental Health Coalition’s Resource Library at 


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