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Because Life

Dec 22, 2021

Just in time to greet the holidays, we’re back with another installment of our “Ask A Therapist” series. On this episode, the wonderful Dr. Ebony joins me to answer YOUR questions about ways to deal with the stress and grief surrounding the holiday season while with family and friends. We take on your biggest questions on holiday anxieties including the pressure of affording gifts for loved ones, hosting the big day, along with tips to answer the age-old question of “why aren’t you in a relationship yet?” Join us as we help navigate you through the taboo emotions and negatives that are often overlooked during the holiday season.


We love giving you guys a chance to hear from our incredible therapist co-hosts and we hope today’s episode helps you as we all continue to step into uncharted territories. Make sure to follow @becauselifewithsydel to submit your questions for upcoming episodes!


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